22:39 Thr 16th Oct

Announcing a new upcomming project with a lot of features! The first will be a feature with a close friend of mine as well as great dance/house/all-round producer David van Driel. Keep your eyes and ears online for further notices! In the mean while be sure to check out


01:00 Mo 29th Sept

New Songs online, featuring a promotional jingle and some recordings from our radio gig at L-Fm! Listen here!

23:10 Thu 22th May
A Minor Shirts available at

16:11 Thr 21th Feb
Our MySpace page is officialy been pimped <pop ya collar>, check it out at


16:07 Thr 14th Feb

Happy Valentine everyone, *glitter* *glitter* make love not war!
Our L-FM radio gig was a succes! The pictures and sound files will be online soon! Till then check and listen

9:55 Mon 17th Dec
New agenda points added!

22:04 Fri 18th Nov
An Acoustic bass is added to our arsenal, we are now on our way of adding bass sounds to the tracks, new tracks comming soon.




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